Welcome to the Privacy Policy of HKR Financial Services. This policy explains how we handle your personal information and ensures privacy when using our website, www.hkrfinserv.com.


When you register at www.hkrfinserv.com, you authorize us, partnering financial institutions, and advertisers to contact you via calls, SMS, emails, and other means for providing product information, promotional offers, and third-party offers. This authorization is valid even if registered under “Do Not Disturb” or “Do Not Call” services.

Clients authorize HKR Financial Services to send transactional messages and make calls, even for “Do Not Disturb” registered numbers.

Accepting our “Terms and Conditions” permits partners to conduct necessary profile checks.

We do not investigate or endorse service providers advertised with us. References to third parties do not constitute an endorsement.

We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information except as this policy outlines.

Privacy and Security Policy – HKR Financial Services highly values privacy and security. We are committed to protecting your personal information and ensuring its confidentiality. This Privacy & Security Policy outlines how we handle your data during website use and services.

Third-Party Advertising – Third-party advertisers may use your website visit data to provide relevant ads.

Personal Information – Personal information refers to data identifying a natural person, directly or indirectly.

Express Consent – Providing details on our website implies consent for us and our partners to contact you for service-related purposes. “Do Not Call” registrations are waived for this purpose.

Purpose and Usage – We use collected data to improve services, send notices, offer alerts, and comply with laws.

Disclosure / Sharing – Personal information is disclosed under specific conditions, e.g., transaction completion or legal obligations.

Intimation of Changes – Updating your information is possible during the application process. After a decision, updates are not allowed.

Retention of Information – We retain data for service provision, legal compliance, dispute resolution, and agreement enforcement.

Email & SMS Communications – We send periodic emails and alerts. Opting out of promotional emails doesn’t affect service-related communications.

Log Files – We collect data like IP addresses for service improvement and marketing.

Cookie Policy – Cookies personalize your experience. You can manage cookies at the browser level.

Behavioural Targeting / Re-Targeting – Third-party services provide targeted ads based on browsing activities.

Third Parties and Testimonials – We aren’t responsible for third-party privacy practices. Testimonials may be posted with consent.

Additional Policy Information – Respective privacy policies govern widgets, Single Sign-On, Like Button, and external links.

Data Security – We implement measures like encryption for data security.

Confidentiality of Login Details – You’re responsible for keeping login details secure.Contact Us – For privacy or security concerns, email customercare@hkrfinserv.com. While this summary meets your content length requirement, the complete Privacy Policy is authoritative.