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Elevate your lifestyle with Credit Cards from HKR Finserv. Enjoy rewards, benefits, and convenient payment options tailored to your needs.

Discover Unparalleled Experiences with Our Exclusive Credit Cards

Introducing Credit Cards Crafted for Your Desires

From everyday essentials to lavish indulgences, local explorations to international getaways, and brick-and-mortar shopping to online splurges, our array of Credit Cards is designed to redefine your every endeavour. With various enticing features and unmatched advantages, our Credit Cards bring convenience and luxury to your fingertips. Seamlessly transitioning from routine tasks to extraordinary aspirations, our Credit Cards are your gateway to a world of limitless possibilities.

A Peek into the Enchantment of Credit Cards

With a legacy of pioneering India's first-ever Credit Card, we've continued to set new standards in the industry. With over 10 million satisfied users, our Credit Cards have become synonymous with value and rewards. Dive into a world of captivating benefits, including alluring Reward Points that can be redeemed across leading brands. Enjoy exclusive privileges such as access to airport lounges and culinary treats at elite dining establishments. Ensuring your peace of mind, our state-of-the-art security features enable seamless transactions, transforming every purchase into a confident step forward. Applying for your Credit Card is now a breeze, bringing you closer to realising your desires.

A Universe of Credit Card Advantages

Embrace the boundless potential of Credit Cards, offering an array of benefits:

  1. Global Acceptance: Your Credit Card opens doors to cashless transactions at countless merchant outlets worldwide, making your transactions seamless.
  2. Digital Convenience: Experience the joy of hassle-free online shopping and bill payments, streamlining your financial commitments.
  3. Cashless Ease: Bid adieu to the need for physical currency as you enjoy effortless ATM withdrawals through your Credit Card.
  4. Empowerment through Loans: Leverage the flexibility of loans and EMIs, allowing you to manage your finances efficiently.
  5. Rewards and Beyond Immerse yourself in a realm of discounts and rewards, where each swipe enriches your experience.
Unlock a World of Credit Cards with HKR FINSERV

At HKR FINSERV, we take immense pride in curating Credit Card solutions that resonate with your aspirations. Whether you’re searching for Credit Cards in Delhi or anywhere else in India, our offerings encompass innovation, security, and unmatched advantages. Choose to elevate every moment – apply for your Credit Card today and make your dreams tangible.

Credit Cards Tailored to Every Need
Explore Our Diverse Range of Credit Cards

Recognising the diversity of lifestyles and unique preferences, we’ve meticulously crafted a range of Credit Cards to cater to your requirements. Whether you’re a frequent traveller, a dedicated shopper, a culinary enthusiast, or simply seeking an all-encompassing card, our collection has the perfect Credit Card to complement your way of life.

The Wanderer's Choice: Unveil Our Travel-Focused Credit Card

Embark on unforgettable journeys with our Travel-Focused Credit Card. Earn air miles with every transaction, relish complimentary access to airport lounges, and relish exclusive travel discounts. Say goodbye to travel constraints and embrace a world of seamless exploration with our Travel-Focused Credit Card.

Shop with Smarts: Elevate Shopping with Our Shopping Credit Card

Indulge your shopping desires while maintaining financial prudence. Our Shopping Credit Card offers enticing cashback, discounts, and exclusive offers across an extensive range of brands and retail outlets. Elevate your shopping experiences with the power of intelligent spending.

Culinary Delights Await: Relish Moments with Our Dining Credit Card

Our Dining Credit Card is a culinary delight for those who savour every flavour. Enjoy special privileges, discounts, and offers at a curated selection of renowned restaurants. Elevate your dining encounters and transform each meal into a cherished memory with our Dining Credit Card.

All-Purpose Convenience: Experience Our Versatile Credit Card

Streamline your financial journey with our versatile, All-Purpose Credit Card. Seamlessly transition from routine expenses to special indulgences, all while earning rewarding points and enjoying exclusive advantages. Experience unparalleled financial convenience with our All-Purpose Credit Card.

Determining Your Credit Card Eligibility
Am I Eligible for a Credit Card? Find Out Now!

Exploring the world of Credit Cards is an exciting endeavour tailored to your unique needs. However, specific eligibility criteria are in place to determine who can apply for a Credit Card. Unveil your eligibility effortlessly with our online Credit Card eligibility checker. Here are key points to consider when assessing your eligibility for a Credit Card:


Age: To be eligible for a Credit Card, you must be at least 18 years old. This criterion applies to primary cardholders as well as add-on cardholders. Meeting this age requirement opens the doors to Credit Card eligibility.


Income: Each bank designates a minimum income threshold as an eligibility benchmark. It is essential to showcase a steady income and provide substantiated proof. The income prerequisite varies based on the type of Credit Card you are applying for. Whether you're a salaried professional or a self-employed entrepreneur managing your enterprise, fulfilling the income criterion is pivotal.


Credit History: A commendable credit history underscores your adeptness in managing credit. A favourable credit history significantly enhances your likelihood of quickly obtaining a Credit Card.


Nationality: When applying for a Credit Card in India, you must be either an Indian resident or a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). Your nationality is crucial in determining your eligibility for a Credit Card.


Bank Relationship: It's worth noting that while seeking a Credit Card, you may or may not already hold an account with the bank where you're submitting your Credit Card application.


At HKR FINSERV, we're dedicated to making your Credit Card journey seamless and rewarding. Our expertly curated range of Credit Cards caters to various preferences and lifestyles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your financial aspirations. Discover your eligibility today and enter a world of unparalleled convenience and benefits.

Apply for Your Ideal Credit Card Today

Ready to embark on a journey of convenience, rewards, and financial empowerment? Apply for your perfect Credit Card today and unlock endless possibilities. HKR FINSERV is committed to enriching your financial decisions and enhancing your lifestyle – one swipe at a time.

Credit Cards FAQs

Please apply for a Credit Card online through our website by filling out the application form and submitting the necessary details.

02. What are the benefits of getting a Credit Card through HKR FINSERV?

Our Credit Cards offer attractive rewards, exclusive privileges, and convenient payment options.

Eligibility is based on age, income, credit score, and repayment history.

Credit Cardholders can enjoy discounts, cashback, and rewards on various transactions and purchases.

You can track your Credit Card transactions and fees through online banking or the Credit Card mobile app.


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